Cavacave Invest’ is operated by Wine Project Inc., a French- based company created in 2013. Livened up by a real passion for wine, and a taste for the exceptional, Cavacave experts are the most knowledgeable for every investor wishing to diversify their assets in the tangible market with high potential profitability.

Wine Project, with its desire to satisfy curious lovers of exceptional continuously expands its field of activity, focusing on services with genuine added value, in order to provide guidance, comfort and fulfil their expectations. In this context, the company is involved with these following wine-dedicated activities:


Certain sellers favour the auction service offered by Cavacave, by putting their bottle up for sale along with their reserve price. WineForecasts, expert in price evaluation and historical partner with Cavacave, estimates the value of bottles on the basis of photographs. The seller is directly put into contact with the buyer and decides what he sells and at what price. Speedy and anonymous, this service is gaining forever increasing success.

Sell your wine / Buy wine from our auction room


This service is dedicated to investors seeking to diversify their patrimony. Indeed, rare wines and spirits present an investment opportunity with a high yield potential. Here again, WineForecasts provides its expertise in the selection of the most profitable vineyards and vintages using exclusive mathematic models in order to predict the evolution of the wines’ value. Clients of this service are selected, as on the offer for this type of wine is extremely limited to achieve the recorded performances. From 10 000€ placed, this investment diversification has known a great success, even internationally.

Wine Project SAS, société au capital de 80.373 €, enregistrée au registre du commerce de Bobigny sous le numéro 79373008600014. L'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé. A consommer avec modération


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